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5 Tips for Traveling to Iceland

In 2021, the world still partially overwhelmed with Covid and my best friend graduating from college, we decided to take a few days off and go somewhere together. After lots of researching travel restrictions, vaccination requirements and taking Covid tests we found our destination, Iceland. With limited time and limited funds we booked off 6 days from work and booked hotels, flights, activities and excitedly awaited until the day we took off. I planned a wonderfully busy trip, starting and ending in Reykjavik, spending the rest of the trip exploring the beautiful southern coast of Iceland; click here if you want to read about everything we got up to on our roadtrip. Although the trip was years ago I remember every moment and dream of going back so I decided to share some of the important things I’ve learned. If I was to start planning and packing again these are the top tips I would want to know going on the trip.

Don’t wait too long to book your rental car and the type of car you book matters! Our rental was not particularly cheap and I thought I’d watch the price of rentals to see if it would go down and boy was I wrong. The prices started going up the closer we got to the trip so I ended up having to spend the extra money thinking I might get it cheaper. Make sure you decide a couple of activities you want to do before deciding your rental because we rented a tiny car that could definitely not survive driving around the Icelandic Highlands.

Drive the speed limit. I didn’t see any cops doing speed checks while driving around but I did see some speed cameras. Some of the roads can be pretty empty so pay attention to how fast you’re driving. I heard stories about people speeding and getting hit with the speeding tickets from the rental company after the trip.

As always, know your conversion! Depending on what you’re doing, Iceland can be very expensive so it’s very important to know the currency conversion. Don’t let the expense of Iceland deter you from taking the trip, there are so many free activities to enjoy so you can definitely take the trip and still be on a budget. We planned before going that our most expensive activities would be snowmobiling and a day trip to Heimaey and then we budgeted the rest of our activities around those. If you want to make the trip even more budget friendly, bring friends! We were able to split the cost of accommodation and the car rental between the three of us.

Pack in layers. I was in Iceland in June and we very quickly discovered how unpredictable the weather is. It’ll be windy and rainy one minute and then all the sudden it’ll be sunny for miles. Make sure to bring something light, something warm and definitely something waterproof! My solution to the weather was just stick extra clothes in the car in the morning and see what I needed through out the day.

Don’t take your phone into any lagoons with you. This sounds like such common sense but if you go to the Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon or anywhere else you want to take cute swimming pictures, take your pictures right at the beginning and then get back out and put your phone away. I brought my phone into the Sky Lagoon in Reykjavik and there wasn’t a good place to put it so I ended up having to find a new spot to stick it every time we moved and then a couple days later it stopped working correctly. It was great being fully present and without a phone but Julianna is still receiving my emails on her phone after having to use her phone for the rest of the trip!

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  1. One of your readers mentioned a speeding ticket in Australia. That’s funny because one of my kids got a speeding ticket in Australia and I ended up paying it!
    Iceland looks incredible. I enjoy reading about your adventures.

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