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9 Things to do in the Amalfi Coast

After sitting inside for nearly a year after Covid, travel restrictions were easing and I was definitely ready to start traveling again! I did hours and hours of research and decided I was going to spend a month traveling and go to Croatia, Cyrus and Italy. Like most people, I had seen a million photos of the Amalfi Coast all over Instagram and decided it was time to check it out for myself. We stayed in Sorrento, Positano and Atrani and when we got to Positano I felt like I had stepped right into all the photos that I’d seen. It was the most incredible trip and when I see photos now I feel so lucky to have such amazing memories. There were a couple things on my list of things to do that we didn’t get to but I guess it’s just an excuse to go back!

Pretend to be Italian on a vespa tour. There’s many ways to experience the beauty of the Amalfi Coast but I knew I wanted to do it from the back of a scooter! I wasn’t too comfortable driving myself so I booked this private tour through Get Your Guide and it was worth every penny! I was there with two friends and we each got our own driver to ride around with. We got to see most of the towns of the Amalfi Coast and then stopped for lunch up in the mountains and had a beautiful view. Our tour started in Positano at our hostel but you can also book a tour starting in Sorrento. If you don’t want to do a scooter tour, I also saw plenty of people doing a tour in a hire car with a driver.

Take the day and explore Ravello. We stopped in Ravello while doing our vespa tour but a couple days later we hopped on the bus and went back to explore more. We spent a good chunk of our day wandering around Villa Rufolo, a villa from the 13th century once owned by a rich merchant. Give yourself plenty of time to wander around, the gardens are beautiful and the views are absolutely stunning. I personally believe it would be a tragedy to run out of time here. After exploring Villa Rufolo we walked around the center of town and grabbed some food before heading back to the bus stop. Whether you’re taking the bus or not make sure you head to the bus stop near Villa Rufolo to get a beautiful panoramic view of Minori, Maiori and the sea.

Take a day trip to Capri. Although both the people I went to Italy with get seasick (sorry I keep taking you on boats Julianna) we decided to take the risk and book a trip to Capri anyway! The tour I picked (click here!) started in Positano, spent a couple hours exploring the coast on the way to Capri and then gave you a few hours to have lunch and explore the island. We grabbed some gelato and spent most of our time relaxing on the beach and enjoying the perfectly clear water. Although we chose to do a day trip, there is definitely enough to do if you booked a hotel and wanted to stay the night.

Take a break from the coast and hike to Valle delle Ferriere. About 45 minutes walk from Atrani and 35 minutes walk from Amalfi, Valle delle Ferriere is a beautiful little waterfall tucked away in the Amalfi Coast. Although it wasn’t the biggest waterfall I’d ever seen I thought it was such a fun way to spend the morning and something a bit different from all the photos you typically see of the Amalfi Coast. On our way, we saw some remnants of past buildings and Julianna got stuck in the bathroom at a cafe so all around a great morning!

See the beautiful blue water of the Grotta dello Smeraldo. For 10€ you can go on a boat and get a tour of the Grotta dello Smeraldo, a beautiful cave full of incredibly blue water. You might have to wait in line a couple of minutes and you will be sharing a boat with a few other people. The tour guide explained the history and discovery of the cave in Italian and then in English afterward. We stopped here on our vespa tour but if you’re driving yourself here be careful to not go right by it as it’s just on the side of the main road.

Try a cooking class! You can find so many cooking classes in the Amalfi Coast, from people cooking in their home kitchens to professional chefs! I booked one with Buca di Bacco and really enjoyed it. We learned how to make a couple dishes for dinner and a dessert; at the end we got to sit by the water and enjoy everything we made. It was my second time doing a cooking class in Italy and although neither class transformed my cooking skills, I still think it’s a really fun experience.

Eat your heart out! I don’t think anyone traveling Italy really needs to be told to eat but I’m going to say it anyway. The pizza, pasta and seafood is amazing; the desserts are to die for. I highly recommend dinner, dessert and then another dessert after that! If you’re in Positano looking to eat I would definitely try Caffe Positano and then grab a cannoli for dessert at Bar Internazionale; I easily had at least one cannoli a day from here! If you’re in Amalfi looking for dessert, I would grab a pastry at Pasticceria Pansa or some chocolate from Nino and friends.

Relax and have a beach day! There’s so many places to have a beach day in the Amalfi Coast so it can be hard to choose! We picked something more budget friendly and closer to our hostel so we went to Fornillo Spiaggia but you could also go to Positano Spiaggia, Fiordo di Furore, Marina Grande in Amalfi and many more. Most places have sun loungers to pay for and the price will vary depending on how close to the water you want to be; we paid 15€ for a sun lounger at Fornillo Spiaggia. If you don’t want to spend the money for a sun lounger I did see spaces at multiple beaches for you to just lay out a towel.

Go shopping, have a lunch break and keeping shopping after. I went shopping in Positano and not to sound cliché but it’s so dangerous. You can find the most beautiful patterns and incredible quality in the stores here and although it’s expensive it’s an amazing souvenir! I got a top and skirt that is 100% linen and was hand made in Positano and years later I still have it and wear it all the time. You can find everything from handmade linens to souvenir shot glasses to travel size olive oil.

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