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A Mini Guide to Cape Tribulation

To get there:

You will have to take a small ferry to cross the Daintree River; you can pay for the ferry when you get there or online in advance. We paid online in advance and it was A$47 return for a 4m van and 2 people. The cell reception gets worse as you get closer to the ferry so if you book in advance make sure you screenshot your confirmation QR code.

Where to stay:

We stayed at the Noah Beach campground and it was A$30 total for two people to stay two nights. The campsite had running water, compost toilets and direct access to the beach but it didn’t have any showers. There were a couple other campsites in the area that had more amenities; we just decided to go for the budget option.

Noah Beach

Things to do:

  • Go stargazing! There’s barely any light pollution so you have to take advantage of it. On a clear night you can perfectly see the Milky Way and it was one of my favorite thing about being here!
  • Go for a walk at Madja Boardwalk. It’s the perfect little walk through the rainforest, about 20 minutes long.
Madja Boardwalk
  • Go swimming in Mason’s swimming hole. It costs $1 per person and there’s a lot of space to park. I would recommend wearing flip flops when you first get it because it’s a rocky start. There’s a little cafe at the entrance and we stopped for a milkshake and it was delicious! This is also the only place we were able to get reception so check your phone while you’re there.
  • Go for a walk on Kulki Boardwalk and explore Cape Tribulation Beach. The boardwalk and the beach share a parking lot so definitely check out both while you’re there. You can’t swim at the beach but still a lovely place for a walk.
Cape Tribulation Beach
Kulki Boardwalk Lookout
  • Enjoy some ice cream at Daintree Ice Cream Company. The ice cream is made with real fruit and tastes amazing!
  • Make some random stops on the side of the road! On the way back to camp we saw a beach through the trees that looked beautiful so we stopped and took a path through the woods and there were some rock pools before a beautiful beach. There’s so many places to pull off the road along the coast so definitely take advantage of it!

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