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A Non-Outdoorsy Person’s Guide to the Blue Mountains

Approximately an hour from Sydney is Blue Mountains National Park, full of hiking trails, waterfalls and beautiful sunsets. We did very limited research before going to the Blue Mountains so we thought we would be in the middle of no where with no cell reception but we very quickly realized that was not the case! There were small towns throughout the area with buses so even without a car you can still get around.

Looking to stay the night?

If you want to stay the night and camp I recommend doing a bit of research beforehand because all of the campsites we could find were already booked for the nights we wanted to stay. If you’re looking to camp for free, I recommend going to Blackheath Glen Reserve; they have a toilet, plenty of space to park and a beautiful view. I was there on a weekend and it filled up pretty quickly before dinner time so I would get there by 5pm just to make sure you get a spot to park.

We were in the Blue Mountains for 4 days and pretty much hiked nonstop so my top tips are drink enough water and make sure you give yourself enough time to rest! The Blue Mountains have so much to offer that if you just look on Google Maps you’ll easily find another waterfall or hike to enjoy, these were just some of my favorites things we did while in the Blue Mountains. 

Hike to Minnehaha Falls. It took us about 25 minutes to get down to the waterfall and parts of the trail are a bit difficult so I recommend wearing sneakers. It’s a great spot to swim so make sure you bring your bathing suit with you!

Hike to Victoria Falls. It was not easy getting to Victoria Falls but that meant it wasn’t as crowded! You had to drive 6km on a dirt road and then hike 40 minutes down into the valley to get to the waterfall. The hike was not easy but absolutely worth it; the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice. Bring your sneakers, your bathing suit and lots of water!

Journey down to Wentworth Falls. There was a great viewpoint before the stairs down to the falls start so don’t miss it. The walk down to the falls is all paved stairs so it’s more accessible than some of the other waterfalls. There was some construction on the walk way when I was visiting in September so I wasn’t able to do the whole walking circuit.

Walk the South Lawson Waterfall Walking Track. The walking track is almost 3kms, has 4 waterfalls and took us about 2 hours to complete, including stopping to enjoy the waterfalls. Compared to all the other waterfalls in the Blue Mountains the ones here are not nearly as impressive but I really enjoyed the walk so I would still recommend it. The whole walk is in the shade so it’s perfect for a hot, sunny day.

Enjoy the view of the Three Sisters. We opted to just go to Echo Point and enjoy the view from there because of how busy it was when we visited. You do have to pay for parking at Echo Point Lookout so just keep that in mind while you’re planning.

Find a quiet spot to enjoy sunset. We decided to go to Lincoln’s Rock for sunset and got the most beautiful view. It can be a popular spot to go so you might be enjoying sunset with a crowd depending on when you go!

Want a break from hiking? Explore Leura! The Blue Mountains have multiple small towns to explore and Leura was my favorite! Leura has a cute main street full of local coffee shops and antique shops to wander through; we had a lovely afternoon relaxing and enjoy the small town. If you’re exploring Leura, definitely stop by the Leura Cascades while you’re there! The cascades are small but still beautiful and worth a visit.

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