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A Roadtrip through Southern Iceland

In 2021, with the world still recovering from Covid and my best friend graduating from college, we decided to take a few days off and go somewhere together. We did lots of research for distance, cost and Covid restrictions and decided on Iceland! We quickly started planning and after lots of research we decided with the time we had we couldn’t see the whole country and had to make a choice about where we wanted to explore. We decided to start in Reykjavik, rent a car and do a road trip along the southern coast. For this trip I was with two friends and although we knew it would be a lot of driving we decided to do it anyway and I guarantee you it’s very worth it!

After leaving Reykjavik, our first stop was a pair of waterfalls about an hour and 45 minutes out of the city, Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabui . It was an absolutely breathtaking first stop and worth every photo taken. Before leaving make sure you walk a few minutes over to Gljufrabui and don’t be scared to get your shoes wet, it’s very worth it to see the entire waterfall. There’s plenty of parking and toilets incase you keep them before you keep driving.

About 30 minutes straight down the road is Skogafoss, another amazing waterfall that I personally think you can’t miss. If you take the stairs up to the top you get a beautiful view and you can also take the walking track and see a few more waterfalls as you go. I will say that no matter your fitness level, Iceland will humble you pretty quickly, the stairs here were no joke!

Although Iceland can be expensive and there’s a lot to do that’s free, I still recommend spending the money to go snowmobiling on a glacier. It’s not cheap but the experience is about two and a half hours and I thought it was worth every dollar spent! We went with a company called Arcanum and we got to snowmobile on Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, and don’t worry they give you boots and a snowsuit to wear. You can lower the cost of the snowmobiling slightly if you and a friend ride together; Jess and I did this and had a great time. Make sure you listen to the instructions at the beginning as I managed to tip us over in the first five minutes and got Jess’s leg got stuck under the snowmobile. The guide had to circle back and find us and I had to pull her leg out so just make sure you’re listening, it’s important!

Our last stop of the day before getting to the hotel was Reynisfjara Beach, a beautiful black sand beach. With crazy waves and beautiful basalt columns, it’s definitely worth a visit, it can get pretty windy so you might not stay long!

I think everything we did in Iceland was “my favorite thing we did” but I think my actual favorite thing we did was hop in the car, drive it onto a ferry and go to the island of Heimaey. We woke up bright and early in Vik, drove back towards Reykjavik, to Landeyjahöfn and took a 35 minute ferry to Vestmannaeyjabær to explore the island. You can hike a dormant volcano, see the ruin and destruction of a once erupted volcano, do a boat tour around the island and visit one of the windiest places in Europe (according to Wikipedia). We went over at 8am and come home at 7:30pm and although I thought it was the perfect amount of time you could definitely make it a bit shorter and leave around 5pm if you wanted more time to get back to your accommodation.

After spending a day on Heimaey, we woke up the next morning and drove east to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach. We chose to just walk around at the lagoon but you can also pay for a boat ride around the lagoon. Directly across the street is Diamond Beach; it’s a result of the glacier pieces floating out to the ocean and then washing up on the beach and it’s absolutely beautiful! My biggest suggestion for this day is to bring some snacks with you because there are limited food options driving around here.

On our way back to Vik we stopped at Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon and I had completely forgot I had even written it on our list of places to go but thank god I did because it was absolutely stunning! There’s a marked trail and viewpoints so it’s not much of a hike but still breathtaking. The canyon is between Vik and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach so depending on your plan you might end up going here first.

On our last day we said good bye to the coast and headed back to Reykjavik. I drove us back and had to go through the worst rain storm of the trip so maybe it was a sign I wasn’t supposed to be leaving yet. Either way I can’t wait to go back and I have you have the best trip!

Hi Dad and Baloo:)

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    1. Any of the remote places in Iceland would be perfect. There’s lots of hotels in the middle of no where that you could stay at and have no light pollution! Some hotels even have a Northern Lights wake up call, if they see Northern Lights while you’re sleeping they’ll call to wake you up!

  1. The pictures are incredible! Did u take all of them?
    Does Jess know u are writing a blog and that she was in one of your stories?

    Take care

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