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A Weekend on Lake Bled

A few years ago I was backpacking Europe and I ended up in Ljubljana, Slovenia and not too sure where to go next I hopped on a bus to Lake Bled! I had seen photos of Lake Bled on Instagram but I had done very limited research other than finding a hostel to stay in. Because of my limited planning I ended up there on a holiday weekend with pretty much then entire population of Slovenia and because it was a holiday a lot of stuff ended up being shut for one of the days I was there. I didn’t have any issues exploring Lake Bled on foot but if you want to explore the surrounding areas you’ll want to double check that the bus reaches where you want to go or rent a car for a couple days. I ended up meeting a girl at my hostel who had a car who invited me for a day out with her so I was able to see some of it without taking the bus.

Go for sunrise at Ojstrica. I will admit I’m not much of a sunrise girly but if there’s any place to get your butt out of bed it’s Lake Bled. I was staying at Bled Hostel so between walking around the lake and getting to the top it took almost an hour for me to get to Ojstrica. Although it was so early, freezing cold and dark for most the walk it was absolutely worth every second of lost sleep. The sky was pink, the lake was quiet and there I was in two pairs of pants, two sweaters, a fur jacket, and fuzzy blanket with the biggest smile on my face. 

Walk up to Bled Castle and see what you fancy! There’s a museum, a cafe, a restaurant, a wine cellar, an art gallery, a chapel and even a printing press, whatever you’re looking for Bled Castle has it. Entry costs €17 and they have discounted tickets for students, seniors and kids. The view from the castle is absolutely beautiful and worth the price in my opinion. Because I was there on a holiday weekend the castle was very busy but if you go on a weekday you might get lucky and it won’t be as crowded.

Grab your sneakers and some headphones and go for a walk around the lake. There’s a paved path that goes all around the lake and it’s about 6km all the way around. According to Google it takes an hour and a half to do the walk but I think I easily took double that amount of time because I stopped so many times taking photos!

Rent a boat and row around the lake. You can either rent a boat yourself or pay to share a slightly larger boat and have someone row for you. I was visiting Lake Bled by myself and I didn’t fancy rowing myself around so I paid to go on a boat with a couple other people and it was perfect. The boat brought us out to the island in the middle of the lake and we got to spend about an hour exploring, personally I thought it was the perfect amount of time.

Saving one of my favorite suggestions for last, pick a cafe and try Bled cake! I absolutely love sweet things so the second I saw Bled cake I knew I had to try it! The cake was created by pastry chef Ištvan Lukačević at Sava Hoteli Bled in 1953 and it has become an iconic stable of the region. Although Sava Hoteli Bled was the first one to make it, you can find it in most cafes in Bled. The cake consists of pastry, vanilla custard and cream and it’s absolutely delicious; I will say it’s very sweet so you might want to share it.

Have some extra time?

Take the afternoon to explore Bohinj. I was in Slovenia at the end of October and the drive from Bled to Bohinj was absolutely magical, there was a fog over the mountains and the leaves were all turning red and it felt like driving through a movie. We hiked up to Savica Waterfall and then drove around the lake to Mostnica Gorge and went hiking around there as well. I think Bohinj didn’t have as much of a crowd so definitely visit if you’re looking for something a bit quieter.

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