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A Weekend in the Grampians

About 3 hours drive from Melbourne is Grampians National Park, the perfect place to enjoy some hiking, waterfalls and Australian wildlife. The Grampians had popped up on my Instagram explore page a couple times but I didn’t take the drive until my mom and sister came to visit and they said why not?! We did a night on the Great Ocean Road and then drove to the Grampians, arriving in the dark we had no idea what to expect in the morning. In the morning, we woke up to kangaroos in the backyard and a beautiful view of the Grampians, waiting to be explored.

I have been to the Grampians twice and I learned a very important lesson the first time I went; you don’t have good cell reception once you leave Halls Gap for the mountains. The first day we were a bit unorganized because we hadn’t done much planning before leaving the house but the next day we were a bit more prepared with some research and couple downloaded maps. Even if you don’t do a lot of planning make sure you have some maps downloaded on Google Maps you you’re about to get directions for the day.

Hike the Pinnacle Hike. We parked at the Wonderland car park and started the 4k hike to the top! It took us about two hours for the hike but we spent a while hanging out at the top enjoying the view, taking some photos and having some snacks. This is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Grampians so if you’re there on a nice day it will be busy, don’t worry there’s plenty of space at the top for everyone to enjoy the view! I definitely recommend lots of water and sunscreen because parts of the hike are in direct sunlight. Be extra careful to follow the correct signs when you’re going down, we started to go down the path for Halls Gap and had to reroute and find the correct path back to the parking lot.

Hopefully spot a rainbow at McKenzie Falls. I think one of the most well known waterfalls in the Grampians is McKenzie Falls and it’s for good reason! Getting down and back is pretty short; it can just be a bit steep and slippery in a couple spots. Half of the way down is paved ramp and the other half is stairs so you definitely want decent shoes. Make sure you stop at the Broken Falls Lookout before leaving, it’s an absolutely beautiful waterfall.

Enjoy the view at Reeds Lookout. Just like the Pinnacle Hike, Reeds Lookout has a beautiful view of the whole area. There’s no hiking involved in getting to the lookout so it’s a great spot for sunset if you don’t want to be hiking back in the dark.

Stop at Silverband Falls. It’s important to know this waterfall is completely weather dependent, if there hasn’t been any recent rain I wouldn’t suggest going. The road to get to the falls is also a one way road so you will have to follow it back to town before you’re able to turn around.

Go stargazing. There’s very little light pollution in the Grampians so if you have a clear night, definitely go stargazing. Reeds Lookout is a great spot to go or if you don’t want to go far you can just lay down in the middle of the street like we did, sorry Dad! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see the Milky Way.

Enjoy the wildlife! If you definitely want to see some kangaroos, go to Halls Gap Recreation Reserve at sunset and they’ll slowly fill the field. Be extra careful driving around Halls Gap because the kangaroos won’t stop for you! I have also seen emus and lots and lots of cockatoos so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

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