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A Weekend on the Great Ocean Road

Beginning in Torquay, about an hour and fifteen minutes from Melbourne, is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, one of the most scenic drives you’ll find in Australia. I’ve driven the Great Ocean Road three times and each time I find something different to see and even after doing it three times, I still haven’t seen everything! Although I have done the Great Ocean Road all in one day I would recommend staying the night somewhere and splitting it up into two days so you don’t have as much driving all in one day.

Where should I spend the night?

Depending on how much you want to do in one day, I would recommend staying in Port Campbell or Apollo Bay. Apollo Bay is about half way through the Great Ocean Road so it will give you a good amount to do the next day. If you want to get more done on the first day and head home early on the second day, I recommend stay closer to the end of the Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell.

Time to start driving!

Watch the surfers at Bells Beach. This beach is the home to Rip Curl Pro Surf Competitions so it’s a very popular and a well-known place to go. On a good day the parking lot will be packed and the water will be full of surfers trying to catch the next best wave. While you’re there wander across the street and see if you can see any kangaroos; the first time I did the Great Ocean Road I saw a mob of kangaroos right across the street!

If you need coffee, a snack or even just the bathroom, stop at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. It’s the perfect place to grab some treats for the road or some souvenirs to take home!

Hop out of the car and get a photo at the Memorial Arch. There’s a pull off to park and take some photos with the arch and there’s a path down to the beach if you need a break from being in the car!

Explore Lorne and stop at Teddy’s Lookout. Lorne is full of small locally owned shops and cafes so definitely go for a stroll and see what you find. Before you keep driving stop at Teddy’s Lookout, just a few minutes drive out of the center of Lorne.

Go searching for exotic birds and koalas. On your way into Kenneth River you’ll see Kafe Koala General Store, park in the parking lot and walk up Grey River Road. On this road you’ll see a different colored birds and if you looking carefully you’ll see a few koalas!

Explore Apollo Bay. Although Lorne might have a bit more to offer, Apollo Bay is still a great place to stop for lunch. You can do something as simple as a picnic on the beach or try one of the many restaurants!

Explore the Great Otway National Park through the Maits Rest Rainforest Walk. This is a 30 minute self guided walk through the rainforest and most of it is on a platform so it’s very family friendly.

Enjoy the view at Castle Cove Lookout. After driving through the Otways the road meets up with the coast again and you can see the beautiful view at Castle Cove.

Take in the beauty of the 12 Apostles. If possible, I recommend going to Loch Ard Gorge first and then coming back to the 12 Apostles for sunset. Because of how popular the 12 Apostles is, I recommend getting there half an hour early so you can find a nice spot to enjoy sunset.

Explore everything Lord Ard Gorge has to offer. When you park to go to Loch Ard Gorge there are four things I recommend you do; go to the Razorback Lookout, Tom and Eva Lookout, Island Arch Lookout and then go down onto the beach. There’s signs and a little map so you won’t miss anything. Last time I was at Loch Ard Gorge they were doing construction on the stairs so double check if the beach is open if you’re hoping to go!

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