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Destinations for a First Time Solo Traveler

I started traveling when I turned 18 and now at 24 I still love it! I have been to 35 countries across 5 continents, many of them I’ve visited alone making new friends along the way. The first time I traveled alone was the most nerve-racking experience! I looked for the cheapest flights I could find and found a round trip flight from Boston to Seattle and a hotel for the long weekend for a total of $500. Although I didn’t fall in love with Seattle, I absolutely loved the experience of traveling alone. It was nerve-racking and scary but also incredibly empowering. These four days in Seattle made me realize how capable I was and how independent I could be. This one trip inspired years of solo traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people and trying as many new foods as I possibly could! When you’re traveling alone the only person you have to worry about is yourself, you’re able to do exactly what you want, when you want and I personally find that to be an incredibly freeing feeling. I have made the most amazing memories and incredible new friends while traveling alone. I always urge people to try it so if you’re new to traveling alone, these are a few places I would start with!


I have been living and working in Australia since the end of 2022 but before moving, I traveled Australia for a few weeks and half of the time I was solo! I have always felt safe while living and traveling in Australia and have had a great time making friends while being here. The east coast of Australia is very well connected and a big backpacker hotspot so you’re guaranteed to meet lots of new people doing the exact same thing you are. There’s a bus that runs the entire east coast so you can take that all the way down or if you’re rushed for time you can find decently priced flights with Jetstar. Each city has public transit so you can see a lot without needing to rent a car. You can hike the Blue Mountains, sail the Whitsundays, and go kangaroo spotting on the Great Ocean Road; Australia has something that everyone will enjoy! I have absolutely loved traveling Australia but it’s definitely the most expensive place I have backpacked so make sure you set your budget before you get started.

Bali, Indonesia

While backpacking Asia, I spent a month in Bali and I thought it was very backpacker friendly. I had a wonderful time traveling around the island, meeting new friends, trying incredible food and exploring beach after beach! There was plenty of accommodation available from budget hostels to luxury villas and even the budget hostels were pretty nice for the amount of money you paid. I was always able to get help from hostel staff when trying to book ferries and transportation to my next stop and if you’re in a busy area you can also get a Grab or Gojek where ever you need to go. Bali is an affordable backpacking destination so if you watch your budget you could spend a while exploring the island. The biggest thing to worry about while traveling Bali is what you eat and drink, if you get Bali Belly you’ll be wiped out for a couple days. Click here to read what I wish I knew before traveling to Bali!


After spending a month in Thailand I absolutely fell in love with it! Thailand has so much to offer; you can head down south to go island hopping or take the sleeper train up north to enjoy the mountains and waterfalls near Chang Mai. It’s a popular backpacker spot so you’re guaranteed to meet other travelers and make some friends. If you’re unsure where to go or how to get there I always asked hostel staff and they always had amazing suggestions; a lot of hostels and hotels can help you book transfers and ferries depending on where you’re going. I always found locals to be very welcoming and I felt safe the whole time I was traveling Thailand. The one thing I would be aware of is tuktuk drivers trying to scam you; some of them will say where you want to go is closed and try to take you somewhere else and other ones will try and take you to a tourist center to help you book the rest of your trip. You can book a scooter or tuktuk on Grab if you don’t want to have to haggle on the street and if you’re comfortable a lot of places have affordable scooter rentals.


Filled with rich history, beautiful architecture and amazing food, Italy is a wonderful place to have your first solo travel experience. I’ve been to Italy three times and I’ve gotten from city to city via trains and buses and had no problem navigating public transit in each city. You can hop from city to city exploring Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples or you can head to the coast and relax in the sun in Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast. There’s endless things to do no matter where you decide to go, there’s no bad ideas in Italy! I always found Italians very welcoming and helpful and I’ve even changed my trips around based on amazing local recommendations. I always felt safe while traveling in Italy and didn’t receive any unwanted attention which was great as a solo female traveler. Italy is very well located in Europe so if you’re looking to keep traveling, I highly recommend heading to Croatia or France next!

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